Scientists say that in the future humanity will speak the same language. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

It is true that common languages,
as English and Chinese, have the potential to become a global
some linguists argue that speaking the same
could bring other minority languages to the verge of dying out, I contend that
trend is a positive development overall. There are a number of benefits to the world's economy by using the same
, in order to process financial transactions between countries, communications between people from different geographical backgrounds are of importance. If one
become a universal
barriers will be removed, thereby facilitating international integration.
, by using an international
, learners would have access to a wealth of knowledge written by
As a result
, there will be a better intellectual workforce in the future, ensuring the sustainable long-term growth of nations' economy. There are
a variety of beneficial impacts of a predominant
on society and culture. Primarily,
might help preserve cultural elements, especially intangible ones.
For instance
, if a traditionalist writes blogs about traditional stories in his country on the Internet in English, there will be more people in other nations knowing about the history and culture of his country.
In addition
, speaking the same
benefits society.
For example
, with the use of a universal dialect
that is
conducive to mutual understandings, immigrants can avoid unnecessary fights with local people and easily adapt to a new living environment, which build a peaceful society. In conclusion, the trend of using one
to communicate over the world is the positive development.
benefits not only the country's economy, but
societies as well.
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