Some people believe that there are no compelling reasons for us to protect animal species from extinction as it occurs naturally. I personally disagree with this conviction and will support my argument in the essay below.

Some people assert that the extinction of animals is the result of evolution,
no actions are required to protect the endangered species. I strongly disagree with the statement, the mindless human activities
as deforestation, hunting, and pollution are responsible for the changes in ecological balance. To embark upon, humans are blessed with an intelligent mind, using which he can create, discover and invent,
, have the power to destroy, exploit and wipe out. Primarily, reckless cutting of trees for fulfilling the human needs results in the destruction of the natural habitat of wildlife birds and animals.
, tress holds the capacity to bind the soil and are the sources of food and shelter for the flora and fauna, if we will demolish these sources
we will
eliminate their existence.
For instance
, a biological study has proven that the main cause of the extinction of various animals
as rhinoceros, white tigers, is the ruination of their natural habitat, that obligates them to navigate to different places which cause their elimination.
, another crucial factor responsible for the demolition of wildlife is hunting and killing for the pursuit of fashion. In order to fulfil the demands of ever-growing industrialisation, the animals are hunted and killed for the extraction of their skin to make leather and removal of bones and teeth for making ornaments. To exemplify, according to a survey, an approximate one hundred camels are killed in Rajasthan quarterly to extract their skin for making bags.
, the exaggeration of polluted air and water is
creating difficulty for the survival of animals.
, global warming has
affected the ecological balance
as a result
, there is a reduction in rainfall, melting of glaciers and changes in weather, which is posing a huge threat to wildlife. In conclusion, I admit that natural changes are responsible for the extinction of species, but these processes are the results of deforestation, poaching and pollution.
, it is the responsibility of mankind to make
world a better place to live in
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