As we are facing many problems which affect the whole planet, good relationships between different countries are becoming more important than ever before. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the era globalization a numerous amount of countries is moved closer to each other. Some people believe that the interaction between different nations plays the main role, according to the situation when the drawbacks can have an influence on the word. Personally, I totally agree with
point of view. In
essay I intend to delve into
question and prove
given opinion using some examples.
To begin
, the relationships on the global level take on important place in the modern society.
For example
, if two countries have some difficulties in their communication or have the opposite points of view to the one complicated question, it can cause a war.
consequence is dangerous not only for other nations, but
for all animals as well.
As a result
, the peace on the earth depends on the kind of relationships between countries.
, there are some situations underline the importance of friendly communication between the nations.
For instance
, the cooperation of countries is able to solve environmental problems
as global warming on ozone layer depletion. I consider that countries just altogether can tackle these situations.
, the connection among all nations has an influence on the whole world. To conclude, it is clear that the kind of interaction between different countries takes the main part in the modern society when the world is standing in front of many problems. In my opinion the international communication has a lot of advantages and it should be closer in the future.

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