Some people think that staying in hotels is not a good option to know about a country or its people. What do you think about this viewpoint?

Few of the traveller's think that residing in hotel's isn't something to go forward with if
would like to know about the
or people. While it might be beneficial to have a holiday and explore in comfort,
explore when backpacking through the
. In my opinion, there's no right or wrong
to travel, it's just a choice
makes on how they want to spend their holiday.
, holidays are planned well in advance and where to stay during it is a highly discussed subject.
, the variety of options
is exposed to is surreal. There are options where you can taste luxury and
there are options which are heavy on sharing their culture as well, which helps you learn about it on a personal level.
For example
, JW Marriott has a chain of hotels with luxury as a single minded, offering across the
, but it's the Taj hotels, which adapt themselves to the different locales they're present in which gives you a more real experience of the destination. At the end of it, it's how the traveller chooses to spend his time and money.
, if
opts to explore
, backpacking is a popular growing
of travelling. There are people who want to immerse themselves deeply into the rooted history and live the local life for whom
is the
to go.
For example
, Jake Paul backpacked through Vietnam and understood the culture to get ready for his role in his upcoming movie. It's an experience of a lifetime, which stays with you forever. To summarise, in order to learn about the
or people
can either choose to stay in a hotel and know about the place they're visiting or do it the other
of staying with the local people and getting to learn about their culture without the comfort of a bed subjective to each person's choice. In my opinion,
needs to set their expectations while planning a holiday.
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