Many things that used to be done in the home by hands are now being done by machines. Does this development bring more advantages or disadvantages?

In the contemporary era, machine, became the parts of human life, and can perform many things itself. Presently, we use the device to do work at home, before which we were doing it with our hand. There are enormous benefits than the drawbacks,
as a person might remain independent while wiping the cloths. The following paragraph will be illustrated both the aspects. On the one hand, tools can save a person time, and it could complete work quicker and better than the person.
For example
, cleaning the clothes are time-consuming and hard-working job, which can be smoothly completed by the device. Even though machine wipes the costumes itself and faster than manual wash clothes.
, the layman can utilize their time, and may complete multiple work simultaneously.
For instance
, at once, they can clean the clothes and make food.
, people prefer to get the task to do with the machines.
On the other hand
, they have huge weaknesses too. People become lazy by getting a job from the tool, and its influence on individual health.
, becoming a careless character, they gain lots of fat and weight. According to Newspaper, More than 70% of females obtain fat after purchasing the appliance for homes.
, According to the world health organization, making food in the machines consider as a harmful for fitness as it contains toxic rays, as found by a well-being report published by the university. To sum up, I believe that as the coin has two sides,
machines have both benefits and downsides.
, we can keep some tools to make our life comfortable, but not at the cost of fitness.
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