Some people think that the media (newspapers ) have the right to publish details of people's private lives, while other think it should be controlled. discuss both views.

The question " the press can write regarding the secrets of activity of people or not" is a controversial one. In
essay, I intend to investigate to both views and firmly illustrate my disagreement while there are some adherent who believed that it should be controlled.
of all, pro-social media are believed that the news should follow all details of everything in around the world.
, they have right to be updated about every accident or event in their country, it is not important for them that these news might disclose private things of people in their lives.
In addition
, it is tightly convinced to freedom of speech for papers cause of these news might impact on association members, so they prefer to be informed about them at any cost even collapse of marriage of other people by revealing their secrets.
For example
, if the premier is cheating with his people, it is an important task of newspapers to show that and prevent to continuing of
bad behaviour in the country.
, despite of variable rights of liberty of expression, the most important things in every society are remaining calm and safety about personal secrets of people in their activity.
For instance
, the most common cases that are published recently is regarding the private lives of celebrities that it made problem for them in their own lives as they are judged by society members easily. Namely, "Jenifer Lopez" is the best example to illustrate
problem as a famous person who had many issues regarding disclosing her closet about her divorce and her new boyfriend by newspapers recently.
, it is reasonable to publishers should respect to safety of personal lives in society as much as they believed their freedom in their writing about everything. In conclusion, there are many pros and cons in related to disclosing by mass media, but, I restate my vision that people should have legitimate to keep hidden some special things in their lives as much as the press has good for liberty regarding expression their news.
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