In some countries, the number of shootings increase because many people have guns at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In recent decades, many statistics have revealed the increased
of fatal
shootings. Indeed, to my mind,
is now convincing evidence that these incidents occur because of
possession at home by individuals. In
essay, I shall examine how government laws and people’s violent mindset encourages
To begin
with, the laws allow the easier possession of guns enforced by the governments pave the way for the burgeoning
of murders happen due to the shootings.
is because, in a developed
, it is not uncommon to hold guns to ensure the security of the individuals.
For example
, in the US, Federal government’s laws allow individuals to possess firearms and
widely stimulates anti-social elements to involve in anti-social activities.
laws clearly encourage people to kill others with the help of guns and result in soaring
, increased violent mind sets of individuals enable them to react harmfully in the
that causes detrimental effects.
is because violent related video games nowadays enable teenagers as well as adults to react dangerously and commit crimes mainly with weapons
as guns that cause mass destruction of humankind.
For example
, in Grand Theft Auto, a popular video game in the US, have destroyed the mindset of people who addicted to it to commit serious murders blindly with the absence of moral thinking ability.
, it is certainly the case that negative mind sets improve the
of shootings. In conclusion, I strongly agree with the notion that holding guns at home increase fatal
shootings. In the future, we will certainly see the
with a large
of shooting incidents if laws and peoples' mindsets are not modified for the welfare of the
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