Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

The extreme sports are often argued that it should be banned on account of the very dangerous game, while others suggest that the extreme sports help people, who plays it, is fresh. It can be seen that the extreme sports have both pros and cons depend on precaution of each person.
of all, there are many benefits when people play the extreme sports
as skiing, one of them help people to feel fresh.
For example
, playing sky diving and skiing make adrenaline in people occur, playing sports help humans to make communication with other people
as a result
of humans have new friends, sports help people who does it to be a strength, people will feel relaxed when they play extreme sports, and extreme sports are not only developing body of human growth but
developing brain.  While, some people is the point of view disadvantages of the extreme sports
as sky diving. A key reason for
is that people can get an injury from playing the extreme sport.
For instance
the bone may be broken when a player falls in to hold or mountain.
Moreover people
Accept comma addition
Moreover, people
may die if they are not careful when they play the extreme sports. In conclusion, It can be seen that extreme sports have both advantages and disadvantages. People should be careful themselves and others while they are playing sports. If they are not careful, the danger from playing sport will destroy their
may be destroying other persons.
, we have only one life, using your life with precaution.
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