Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, gender inequality is a debating issue in the world. The most of people consider male should be responsible for in a
, And the female is suitable for a household
, I strongly oppose to
phenomenon and gives my
explanation in an essay.
, in
modern era men and women both are gives equal contribution to boost the economy of the nation.
, in the many sectors of business world women are holding a leader position.
For instance
, in the Canada, the health chief is a woman.
, there is scientifically proven that women have more patience than men.
In addition
, there is more women graduate from a university.
As a result
, many women are working in different sector of
, And achieved their target.
For example
, Sunita Williams'
lady astronaut who lives 2 months in the space.
, there are so many women who are a good politician.
as, Indira Gandhi India's
women prime minister, Pratibha Patil India's
woman president.
On the other hand
, Some people deem that women are born to take care of a family and their children.They
think that women are always depend on men.
, some part of world still women are not allowed to get an education and
For instance
, A survey conducted by The Indian Government in 2019, There are 40 percentage of women are not getting educated, Because of old mentality of society. In conclusion, I reiterate that Men and women are both the strong pillar of the economy of a nation.
, The government should organize some campaign to provide knowledge to society.
, gender equality should learn from elementary schools. I definitely, agree with given statement and I do respect women.
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