Some people think that having people from different nationalities and cultural background living together in the same country makes the country develop faster. Do you agree

Variety of nationalities, obeying different culture and tradition believer, living together is one of the reasons for the growth of the economy of a country.
, while I believe that people of opposite nationalities may feel, uneasiness in sharing thoughts, I agree mixture of variety of fashion and experience of life will boost the country's economy. Provincial to develop on a global platform, needs people all over the world to work for them, with them and for them.
, when an international group of people meet together, they try to understand each other's thoughts, beliefs and chemistry. Because they tend to learn new languages, rules and habits.
For instance
, let us assume, there is an international workers' group, one is from Japan, one is from India and another is from Germany, each individual homey is known for their positive attitude. Japanese are very punctual, Indians are very hard working and the Germans are born intelligent.
, combination like
develops a high working quality and
its good to have different nationalities in a bucolic. A provincial allows immigrate's workers and resident to enter their agrarian, to understand different culture, beliefs and traditions.
, people from each province has a unique quality towards his/her motherland, whether it is god they follow or the food they eat.
In addition
, countries believe, people from different rustic will start investing capital and boost economy.
For example
, people love to know new cultures and norms, in Canada there are 34 different nationalities which includes, international students and foreign workers reside, they are happily sharing their thoughts and tradition with each other,
Canada is the fastest growing rustic with GDP 8 plus.
, individual are accepting and allowing themselves to explore and know more about other living. In conclusion, I would say, development of a rustic totally depends on the residence of the rustic. I agree, an individual from a different rustic and following different culture, staying in foreign rustic is best way to for a country to expand globally.
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