Some people think that too much money is spent on repairing old buildings,instead of repairing old buildings,that money should be spent on knocking down old buildings and building new ones .To what extent do you agree or disagree?

An old structure in the form monuments, towers and temples generally requires huge sums in maintenance in the economy. Some people think spending money for the vintage infrastructure is a waste of money, while others believe that allotting separate funds for the conservation of those precious architectures is relevant. In my opinion, I do not agree with the former proposition and support the segments where the budget of repairing an old building is considered. There are myriad of reasons to signify the emphasis on refurbishing older buildings.
, structures created in history are part of our heritage, which holds numerous mystery with them.
For instance
, the Pyramids of Egypt, which are still revealing factual data of those times.
, they remind modern generation about the roots of human history with the preliminary traditions and cultures. Simultaneously, demolishing older buildings would incur destruction cost on one hand and archaeological loss of the property to the society on another. In fact, many government opts to invest huge sums in the restoration work and converting them into a museum, art galleries and hotels. Palaces in Rajasthans,
for example
, fort of Udaipur is one the luxurious hotels in the world that generates higher revenue to boost the economy through tourism.
, many are in favour of rebuilding historical places,
of knocking them down. In conclusion, fixing old infrastructure is both expensive and time consuming for the modern society.
, it is worth to do so, as breaking an older architect is not only difficult, but it could lead to irreparable cultural losses.
essay has discussed in detail, the reasons for encouraging the restoration processes of older buildings.
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