Scientists believe that by studying behaviour of 3 years old children, we can predict if that child can become criminal in the future. To what extent is crime a product of human nature? Is it possible to stop children from growing to be a criminal?

By studying the behaviour of 3 years old children, scientists have revealed that they can predict whether or not toddlers will become criminals in the long term. In my opinion, the main reason of
due to external factors,
as upbringing, and
worrying problem can be solved by the development of curricular activities. I believe that a
is not related to genetic traits and depends on the circumstances of how children were raised. Rarely do people realise the fact that youngsters are susceptible to adverse events,
as parents’ divorce, abuse in family or bullying at school,
, they might be
a power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc
children’s behaviour in the future.
, if small children do not receive proper upbringing and care, they may become criminals. According to Psychological Association, 90 percent of offenders and murderers were raised in dysfunctional families or have some extent of tragedy in their childhoods. One of the effective
which should be prompted to deter children from potential
involvement in their later life would be curricular activities,
as sport sections or art classes. Not only will
approach help to avoid adverse groups of peers on the street, but it will
provide the golden opportunity to control their emotions. By attending out-of-class activities, children can reduce hyperactivity, attention deficit, aggression, and anxious behaviour.
For example
, The New York Times reported in March 2015 that the
rate among youngsters had decreased by 70 percent in the USA after the implementation of extracurricular events,
as rugby and reading clubs. In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that whether or not toddlers will become criminals in the future depends on their upbringing and
situation can be prevented through the development of curricular activities.
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