Nowadays artificial intelligence is being used to drive cars. what is the reason? is it positive or negative development ?

In recent times, it has been observed that cars are driven by artificial intelligence. This is to reduce the workload of humans and it should be seen as a positive initiative as it is helping us to make roads safer than before. The technological advancement in the automobile industry has helped humans to reduce the manual labour. There are many transportation vehicles that drives itself and hence reduce the hard work of people. As a result, companies prefer more automatically driven cars and reducing their labour costs. For example, according to a report published in The Times, the sudden rise in the sales of self-driven automobile has reduced the number of people working as a driver in the transportation sector. It should be taken as a positive development, as it is safer than a human driver. In many research it has proven to be more efficient than that of manually driven cars. Therefore, it leads to fewer accidents on roads. To illustrate In an academic research done by Cambridge University road accidents has decreased by half. In conclusion, The self-driven car is the bright future of the automobile industry. It has been proved to reduce the manual supervision and are more efficient on road than humans.
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