It is too expensive to look after and repair old building .Tho money should spend on building new modern buildings instead .To what extent do you agree or disagree.

It is the belief of some people that it needs huge amounts of money to take care and maintenance of ancient monuments while others recommend that instead of wasting cash on museums, this capital ought to utilise for flourishing new infrastructures.I totally disagree with the latter statement. While taking the view into consideration why should we preserve old buildings, firstly, they give the cultural and aesthetic values.As, these constructions are the one way to promote our historical importance among the youth and also these are acting as 'mine of gold' for the masses.Actually, these properties give hands-on experience to students of arts and also it is very beneficial for history teacher to teach students by having visit to these places because in this way learners need not to put many efforts to learn long tasks. Furthermore, ancient structures contribute to incline the economy of the country. Many tourists are attracted towards these buildings because of their beauty.So, they use to exchange capital for fulfilling their desires.To add more, people residing in local areas have an opportunity to get an employment sources and can get a chance to earn their livelihood.So, these also rise the income of the nation as income-per-capita contributes to overall growth.For instance, numerous visitors use to visit historical building Taj Mahal. To summarize, ancient buildings give the cultural, aesthetic and historical importance. So, it must be the duty of an individual and authorities to protect these precious structures.
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