Some people believe that the only purpose of films is to entertain. But others say films should have educational value. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Currently, many people consider movies only a means of entertainment whilst others argue that films should set priority for scholastic values. This essay is going to elaborate on both sides and ventilate the writer’s approval of the latter in terms of moral values and knowledge brought about. On the one hand, it is irrefutable that numerous people watch films in order to just relieve negative feelings after a fatiguing day. This is because this kind of entertainment has auditory and visual impacts that helps get rid of anxiety or exhaustion, thereby ameliorating their moods. To illustrate, a vast majority of Korean citizens admit that movies are such an efficacious stress buster that not only rejuvenate their mind but helps relieve stress as well. Moreover, films also stimulate viewers’ creativity thanks to vivid sounds and high-definition, attractive images. On the other hand, i strongly subscribe to those believing that educational values should be the main purpose of movies. The principal reason is that it imparts a plethora of moral principles to audiences. To be specific, by contemplating manifold types of life, the clear-cut distinction between accusable and acceptable behaviours will be instilled in viewers’ mind, which definitely makes them steer clear of social evils becoming law-abiding citizens. Furthermore, movies also helps people gain a profound knowledge of different countries in the world, thus shaping their perspective and outlook on the outside world. For example, some people say that they have a more positive viewpoint to islamic countries thanks to films. In conclusion, the entertaining purposes of films is undeniable, however, I opine that educational values should be prioritized by dint of aforementioned reasons.
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