Universities should be concerned with educating people so that they have wide general knowledge and be able to , consider important matters from an informed viewpoint, and not simply prepare students for jobs required by society. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Educational institutes should promote those courses which can give overall a general knowledge about everything, and not just for the sake of making them study for the same jobs required in the society. I partially agree with the statement, therefore this essay will discuss about the reasons for the same. Nowadays, universities promote those programs which are high in demand in the market and provide them huge tuition fees from the students. For instance, Bachelors in Technology in a country like India is very famous. Every third person does the same course, whether from science or commerce background, only because it is trendy and was high in demand on some period. Therefore, this resulted in high number of engineers in the market and only fewer number of engineering jobs leading to unemployment in the nation. If the colleges start encouraging their students to study those subjects which increases our general knowledge on overall basis, the rate of unemployment will automatically decrease. As an individual, they will start understanding what is good and harmful for them. They will have a better prospective towards their life an also create new opportunities for many other individuals. This will result in building an educated society that helps them to grow in every sector. To conclude, if education tp people is provided in the right direction, and not as a herd for any fancy job, then not only an individual will benefit out of it, but also, he will help in creating a better society.
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