Many criminals commit further crimes as soon as they released from prison what do you think are the causes of this what are the possible solutions?

One of the most conspicuous trends of Today’s world is the colossal upsurge in crimes from releasing prisoners. While some people believe that their punishment was not sufficient. In my opinion, poverty, unemployment and lesser wages are the reasons behind the crimes.. Firstly, people may point out one of the most significant factors of further crimes from previous prisoners is the unemployment. People nowadays find it very difficult to find any sort of job which helps to pay their bills. For example, my brother lives in Canada who always complain about increasing higher prices of living, while pays remain the same. However, prisoners, find it more difficult to get jobs again, due to having criminal records. On the other hand, there are several arguments in favour of my stance. One of the most preponderant ones is that criminal record has negative consequences for the community in various ways. Firstly, Employer gives priority to persons having no criminal records, which makes prisoner vulnerable most of the times. According to the survey, the proportion of Americans having criminal records having no job has increased from 30 percent to 50 percent today. Secondly, a large portion of the prisoners has no skills for earning, which leads them to financial difficulties. To summarize, in my opinion the government of Australia is taking a great initiative in educating its prisoners in learning technical skills and providing special psychological treatment and employment packages. Prisoners are being encouraged to spend a significant portion of their time in learning and improving new skills to get a job. After thorough analysis on this subject Although, I agree that released prisoners start doing crime again due to psychological and financial circumstances.
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