Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth rather than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example to young people.To What extent do you agree or disagree

In the recent years, people have started becoming famous for their luxurious lifestyle rather than their accomplishments and many are of the opinion that, this is having a negative impact on the mindset of youngsters. And I completely agree with this notion, since it had led to the creation of a wrong mentality among people. First and foremost, people, especially the younger generation see celebrities as their role models. This had resulted in the decrease of self confidence among several teenagers. People start to feel insecure about their looks or the way of living because they think they are not in the same status as their idols. So, they try to imitate them, in which ever possible way they can. For example, if you ask a child who you want to become when you grow up, their most common answer is to become a celebrity that they adore. This is a normal reply to the question, however, it should not interfere with your true identity. Nowadays it's a common practice to dress like your favourite idol so that they could look more like that individual. This can lead to serious personality disorders in the future. Secondly, people forget that, in order to have a successful life one must work hard and achieve their goals. There are no short cuts in life. But many people tend to forget this. This is because most of the celebrities of our generation became famous only for their wealthy background and not for their talents. So people have a wrong mentality that money can make anyone world famous and it had resulted in teenagers turning into illegal activities to make money. For instance, a study conducted among the youth of America reported that drug use and robbery had increased in the recent years and influence of so called famous individuals had an impact on their career paths. In conclusion, people remember celebrities for their wealthy living situation and not for their accomplishments. Thus resulting in the formation of wrong mentality among the young people. And in my opinion, this has a negative effect on the society and could lead to increased crimes and lack of self esteem among the youth.
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