Each year the crime rate increases. what are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this in criminal activity?

Increase number of illegal activities in the most debatable global issues nowadays. The primary reasons are the unemployment and lack of literacy. However, in order to deter criminal practices, hiring more police staff and spread educational awareness in the teenagers are essential. There are two primary reasons of crime in the society. The First, due to unemployment, which is the worse global problem, many citizens is struggling to survive for the basic requirements like food and shelter. As a result, civilians, who are from deprived class, adopt the unlawful act similar to heist, abduction, shoplifting and many more, in order to grab money. A recent study, for an example, published by the International Criminal Bureau and Investigation revealed that lack of the employment opportunities, many unemployed individuals, from impoverished background, are involved in the robbery and in the smuggling, particularly from underdeveloped regions. Another reason is, little or no educational awareness in many underdeveloped nations, namely Africa, where it is difficult to become the law abiding citizen. Consequently, the growing population, especially youngsters, who are the accountable citizen of the nation, plunge themselves in the wrongful Act. On the other side, to prevent criminal activities, the local authority, who is responsible for regional residents, should take initiative and recruit more police staff, so that offenders can be controlled. Addition to this, night patrolling should be increased, particularly in the sensitive area, where native residents have experienced criminal movement and file complained in the past. Further, the ministry could allocate the financial budget to build a number of schools and Universities to educate juveniles. Also, It is mandatory for the young adolescent to attend primary and secondary education, in order to reduce truancy and delinquency in the society. For an example, many offsprings who are the unattended primary school, be part of illegal acts of the western world. To sum up, even through the government effort to minimise number of crimes, many nations in the world are experiencing criminal activities recently. Major causes are lack of work and illiteracy, whereas enough the police member and the educational knowledge can deter the unlawful act.
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