Women should have an equal role alongside men in both police and armed forces. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Gender equality is very significant in all respects of a country. It is said that females should be provided the opportunities to be employed as police or other law enforcement services. I will subscribe to agree the view fully despite some minimal drawbacks and put forward evidences as to why girls have the incentives and qualities to be police or others. Both males and females are identical in every aspect. A host of individuals holds the assumption that if girls are appointed as armed forces, then they will hardly have time to care their husbands in addition children as those jobs maintain time strictly. As a result, a multiplicity of problems will be visible because offsprings will be deprived of mother's affection. For example, in one state of India, statistics reported, a wide range of children lacked ample nutrition, salubrious foods moreover family education because of being employed their mothers in several forces likewise military, navy, police. On the other hand, in spite of having various challenges, there are a number of points why women should be bestowed the conveniences. Firstly, to dispel disparity and to establish women empowerment, law enforcement services are the best job for them. Because, they will have some powers to forbear any attack or blackmail. For instance, in Bangladesh, women were invulnerable and dominated by men. Therefore, the government appointed both sexes equally only in naval military to strengthen women's importance in society. To conclude, although some difficulties are evident, by solving those inconveniences, women's job advantages should be equivalent to men's employment in law implementing services. I agreed the view along with mentioning some related disadvantages and of women's involving in military, naval, cop or other services.
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