Should young people follow other people’s advice or is it good for them to challenge older people’s opinions and thoughts. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

In this modern society, it is a debatable topic that adolescents should follow the path which has been followed by their elders, but some people argue that youngsters should question the old people's opinion. In this essay I will shed some light on both sides of this debate. Some people take the adage old is gold quite literally. They believe that those of a mature age possessing the knowledge and wisdom that have been tried and tested. For example, I used to have a toothache as a girl then my grandmother suggested me to have cloves to chew on. It had worked wonders and I would get better without having to visit the doctor. In fact, over the year, medical science has come to accept a lot of traditional ways of treating diseases that have been passed on from one generation to next. Thus, it is reasonable to see, why young people should follow the advice of their elders in some areas. On the other hand, there are valid reasons for challenging the views of older people. Firstly, we live in a fast paced world where science and technology are progressing at a breakneck speed. The society in which an octogenarian was brought up is vastly different from the one that a teenager lives in today. So, the opinions that an elder may have about a specific issue, many have been formed based on a completely different set of assumptions. For instance, many older people in India are superstitious and believe in using astrology to take important decisions such as opting a life partner. It is obvious that if a mature couple is in love and wish to marry and they should question their parents who may be against their personal decision based on old dogmas. In conclusion, I believe that both views have their own merits. Older people have a treasure trove of knowledge that relates to our very basic human instincts and nature. This would serve young people well. However, the fast changing nature of the world means that some old traditions and beliefs might be obsolete and hence should be questioned by youngsters
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