Despite huge improvements in healthcare, the overall standard of physical health in many developed countries is now falling. What could be the reason for this trend, and what can be done to reverse it?

Physical health proves to be a crucial matter with which many societies have been dealing in the past few years. There has currently been an outstanding forward movement in the degree of medical services, yet the health state of developed societies' members has been deteriorating progressively. This essay outlines several reasons heading into this dilemma and some measures should be done to tackle such problems mentioned above. There are two relevant reasons of why populations are facing poor physical conditions. The first and foremost reason of this phenomenon is a new lifestyle. To illustrate this, we can see that people use more cars than walking nowadays. In addition, they prefer to work in offices to have sedentary jobs with fewer physical activities. The second root cause of this issue is an unhealthy diet. In particular, many people are eating fast food or pre-prepared meals due mainly to its being cheaper to buy and easier to make. These foods contain too much fat, salt, and sugar contributing overweight. Nevertheless, these following two measures could strongly combat the problem. The first remedy to address it is having regular exercise and a healthy diet. In other words, doctors suggest that all people do workout three times a week. Specifically, there ought to be enough time allocated to do sports at school curriculum, this means all students should do exercise regularly in every morning before the class. The second key to intensify the overall standard of health is raising people’s awareness. For instance, individuals need to know the dire consequences of fewer activities, which result in some dangerous pestilences, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. In conclusion, as being discussed above, the whole society should collaborate in order to follow relevant and diverse guidelines on work-life balancing and healthy diet, so that they can support the well-beings and mitigate factors leading to degrade overall healthiness.
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