Surveys show that people are living longer in many cities. but increased life expectancy has many implications for aging individuals and for society as a whole. What are the possible effects of longer living for individuals and society?

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and advanced medical treatments, people's life expectancy has been prolonged within several years. However, there are some benefits and drawback to both, individuals and societies. In the first place, from the perspective of one citizen, people can enjoy their retirement life more compared to the people in the past, thus old people who had retired, spent their time for playing some leisure activities, such as golf, gate ball or some new hobbies that they never experienced before. On the flip side, the prolonged living span expectancy is not just straightforward. Considering that older people's physical ability, they are too old to work, and they required regular medical care, however, the cost of treatment is alarming high for them so they rely on their family. As a result, it might bear a huge financial burden to not only them but also their children. Apart from the individual's view, there are various matters to communities. First of all, as far as their workforce abilities is deeply considered, they cannot pay a tax to the government and they have to reversely get several social security policies, including a public medical care or a national annuity. It will bear a financial burden to log at government's budget. Another related problem worth mentioning is the tax, in the super aging society, young people should pay taxes to support older generation, in other words, they should work longer hour, and pay more tax. From the perspective of youth, the policies are unfair, and it might lead to the phenomenon of the brain-drain which is younger generation leave their countries that put higher taxes to them in their free will. Those problematic issues, including extreme complexion, shown that live longer is not a straightforward issue. In conclusion, the expanded life span has some issues in a positive and a negative way to our urban associations and populations. The government should enact laws for preventing these predicted matters as fast as they can since the aging society has been realised in many countries.
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