The parents and elders believe that the children should spend less time in front of the computer screens as it is harmful to the eyes. To what extent do you agree or disargee?

In this contemporary era, the world is changing by leaps and bounds. Computers have changed the perception of the entertainment and education. So, parents think that children should spend less time in front of computer screens because it leads problems for human body. I totally agree with the aforesaid statement. It has more cons outweigh pros. First and foremost, Invention of digital media brought many advantages for mankind, but it also brought some major diseases as well. If a person spends a whole day in front of computer screens, then they will behave very violently, because it emits radio waves which is harmful for human skins. Also, spending more time in front of computer screens, not only diminished mental health, but it also diminished physical health. The contains show in computers is also not useful for the child at this age. In addition to the above, a child who spends more time with computer will be addicted to this, due to this they cannot concentration in a particular topic for long hours. He or she does not want to play outdoor sports, owing to this their physical development should be isolated. Moreover, children do not want socialized and remained homesick. Sometimes, spending more time in front of computer screens is the root cause of eye strain problems like shortsightedness which is very harmful for a child in the small age. To conclude, parents ought to limit their children to use computers for less time. They should have to monitor their children while they are using computers, so they should not suffer with this kind of diseases.
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