4i. #Environment - Nowdays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? (IELTS 5, GT)

Recent years have seen plentiful garbage production in the daily lives because of numerous reasons. The authorities can decrease the rubbish volume by administering: reduce, recycle and reuse formula. Notwithstanding, this disclosure will explore the rationale behind this worrying trend as well as the panacea to arresting the menace. Apparently, a large number of advocates postulate that people have been attracted towards the materialistic life, which leads more and more manufacturers of every kind of things such as: clothes, equipment, electrical gadgets and vehicles. In addition, the discard method of some equipment charges a tremendous amount of money to government, and such products are not bio-degradable, which can pollute our environment. Moreover, where the needs of necessity things are lesser, but the fashion industries are producing in a gigantic load can lead to excessive storage of products, which are not only the disastrous things, but also occupy extra space and money. To exemplify, according to one survey published by the New York Times, 60% products are extravagant compared to the necessity of people around the world. However, still the situation in our hands, if all societies want a beautiful and the cleanest world back. The possible proactive steps can be taken by the governments in many forms. Firstly, having encouraged the industries and companies to reduce the amount of production by applying heavy duty charges and taxes. Secondly, they can motivate all persons to recycle few products such as: cardboard, steel containers, glasses and plastics. Finally, the use of products again and again can also bring major changes to the rubbish merchandise, and people can be advised by an advertisement or campaign by famous celebrities. To conclude, having explored both standpoints, I reiterate that the reasons of rubbish manufacture is materialistic life and craze around the world; nevertheless, the solution that can be brought by an authority is launching a 'sensitization' campaign to the public and charging high costs to such companies.
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