Some think the best way to motivate and encourage people to work hard is to pay them based on how much they produce and sell. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Money was and it will be the biggest inspiration for anyone to thrive hard for success. However, many argue that, how much a person creates and is able to sell that product, is directly propostional to the encouragement he gets to work hard whereas, In my opinion, their is less relation between only producing and selling, and other factors like persistency, consistency, focusing on one goal plays a major role for working hard in rough times. Output of a person should be always be directly propostional to the money he earns as that will inspire him to work more harder to fulfil his dreams and goals in life and the reason for that is, for example, I am an civil engineer and I execute the projects for government of gujarat but in my career of 3 years i have experience that, amount of moeny you earn is not always related to the output of work you do but, their are many other qualities too. These non propostionality discourage the person to thrive harder. Thus, an output of a person should be directly proportional to the amount of payment he receives which will motivate him to work even harder. Everyone wants to receive pay for the amount of hard work he does but in reality the that is not the only motivation factor and if anyone keeps that in mind and work hard, he will sooner or later will be disappointed and will fail to thrive hard. For instance, In real life situation the factors like believing in oneself and continuously working hard for that thing with full of passion when nothing is happening, you are not getting results, even then to push yourself harder plays in important role to earn what you deserve, because, life is not fair. Therefore, Output of a person should not be the only criteria to be considered for the motivation of hard work. To conclude, generating money is not based only on the result, but it is a process in which one thrives harder in tough times and by going through that time only one is able to earn money and get's motivated to grind more.
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