Many people believe that social networking sites (such as Facebook) have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extend do you agree?

It is clearly evident that, most of the social media and online sites have been spoiling the qualities inculcated within youngsters and in turn the well being of the society. I strongly agree that social networking sites have always been the negative aspect of all the unpleasant activities going on currently. This is mainly due to two reasons, namely lack of proper parenting and a sense of virtual thinking. Firstly, tons of unnecessary actions are available for free of cost. Since, most of the parents are not concerned about what their children watch, children become addicted to things that are not meant for them. Additionally, videos and photos capture their interest in a bad manner. Consequently, they create an imbalance in their social, mental and physical well being of a person. So parenting is surely an important factor in building the personality of an individual from the time the child is born. Secondly, most of the social networking sites show up with contents similar to daily life with some exaggeration. As a result, young children tend to believe what they see and create a sequence on how they should live and behave with others. Most of the people are in the virtual world nowadays and this has affected the society in a harsh manner. Growing individuals mould the next generation, as a result, it is important to teach them to differentiate between graphic skills and real life. In conclusion, parenting and acknowledging them with the real life situations and problems is the principal way to bring up an excellent future for the coming generation.
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