Wealthy nations should assist poorer countries with humanitarian relief during natural disasters. Do you agree or disagree?

There should be help, such as humanitarian relief, provided from rich countries to less wealthy nations if any natural disasters occur. This essay agrees with the given statement because of the moral obligations to help others, as well as because the unfortunate events can happen to anyone. Countries, as much as people, should feel the need to be there for one another and help when it is needed. Living in a more flourished country at the moment is just a product of how things have been taken care of in the past. Moreover, some nations had more luck and in addition, they should feel a moral obligation to help other, poorer countries to succeed as well. For instance, many countries sent resources to Serbia when we had floods that took away many lives as well as destroyed a lot of properties. No one is prepared for natural disasters and those can happen no matter the outlines of a country. Whereas, nations should have prepared money and food just in case of an emergency, no one can predict the bad outcomes. In times of uncertainty, we must be able to provide help for others since we would like to receive the same if we were in the given situation. The good example is World War 1 when many countries provided favours, although they were not directly involved. In conclusion, I think that rich nations should help those less fortunate in the times of uncertainty. They shall show themselves in good light, and furthermore fulfil moral obligations, as well as be generous since we can never know what can happen tomorrow.
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