Some people think that because some children find some subjects such as mathematics and philosophy difficult they ought to be optional instead of compulsory. To what extent do you agree?

Education has been evolving by leaps and bounds and providing children with new avenues while keeping students updated with the relevant skills and mindset. Many children struggle working their mathematical problems and try to grasp some philosophical ideas every day. Therefore, a fair amount of people believe, challenging subjects such as mathematics and philosophy should be an optional choice in school. I do not completely agree with this, as these lessons have its values in shaping one’s life and are so much significant in our daily lives. To embark on, there are multiple reasons why these subjects are taught in school for every kid. First of all, mathematics helps and trains to think and solve problems logically and also it is used in other field of studies. Namely, Pythagoras is used in architect to calculate height of a building or it is widely used in core engineering fields. Secondly, philosophy teaches students the core values of ethics. An example for this, during work life, one is required to make business decisions where conscience is involved. However, these subjects are difficult for some students, as we know every child is not born with intellectual and equal cognitive skills. Consequently, it may seem unfair to be evaluated equally with others. For example, the child who is blessed with exceptional skills in arts, music, sports need not to use and compare with another kid who joins science Olympics. To deal with such problems tutor needs to use very different and simple methods to teach these subjects to children’s, so that they will love to study and implement those teaching in their daily lives whenever necessary. To conclude, mathematics and philosophy, these subjects are essential in every child’s life at certain levels. However, in my opinion, enforcing all students to take these classes at a certain level will teach them a basic knowledge to deal and survive in the future. Given this solution, I think the school needs to assess and observe every child to determine, who is suitable to continue his or her studies in mathematics or philosophy.
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