Some people argue that technological inventions, such as mobile phones, are making people socially less interactive. Do you agree or disagree?

It is believed, that modern technology has a bad impact on the social life of people. While some of them thinking that is a good invention, others have a completely distinct opinion. I disagree that people became less socially interactive because of the gadgets. First of all, it is a good and quick way to communicate with colleagues. While using diverse chats like Whats App or Messenger, different kind of information can be shared within a group of people at once. For instance, in the healthcare area, it is common to use technological devices. By using a mobile phone or laptop, emails can be sent easily and it will help to seek guidance from other health care professionals such as a specialist consultant for further advice about treatment. The other good thing is that people can make a virtual book club. For example, if there are ten people in this club and they live in different cities, it will be comfortable for everyone to meet online. So, it will be easier to discuss the latest book, sometimes not even live a house and waste time for a long journey. Finally, we cannot underestimate mobile phones, laptops and other devices in communicating with other people. In particular, during the latest lockdown because of coronavirus pandemic. At this difficult time, when everyone, especially our frail loved ones (grandparents and parents) stayed alone, mobile phone with their applications such as Skype or Viber helped so much to support them. Communication with friends also became virtual. A lot of people made parties and celebrated birthdays online. It is helped to see each other, share happiness and sadness, achievements during that time. In conclusion, there are a lot of discussions about modern technology. Of course, the bad impact is present and it is inevitable. But we still need to know that they bring to our lives different meaning, it makes our life easier, not only in everyday life but also in communicating with others.
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