Children in many countries are eating more fast food and convenience snacks. Why are children doing this and how serious are the consequences? Cause and solution essay

Globally, fast
centres are becoming more and more these days. As it is commonly seen that mostly younger ones are attracted to these junk
. It can be agreed that eating outside causes health issues as well.
essay explains why people are interested and what are the risks caused by consuming
kind of
. For one, not having enough time to prepare
at home with their busy work life.
As a result
, people prefer to eat outside in order to save time and energy.
For example
, a working woman comes home after her busy schedule and not having energy to cook
for her or for her family.
, a woman prefers to take her family out for dinner.
makes it clear that children are very much habituated to go to restaurants and fast
centres due to their busy working parents.
In addition
, consuming non-healthy
causes serious health issues.
For example
restaurants are mainly concerned about the yummy taste of the dishes but not the vitamins or proteins. As
shows that, children are not realizing the risks caused by eating non-healthy
because of their immature mind.
, it is obvious from
that non-energy
causes diet problems and makes the person weak. In conclusion, parents should take care of their children's diet even when they go out. It has proven that why youth is more attracted and how serious are the health problems. It is recommended that each and every individual should follow the diet instructions to keep fit and healthy.
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