Some people think that success is the best measure for intelligence, while others think that intelligence can be measured in other ways. What us your opinion?

Most people had been using success as a measurement of smartness.
, in my opinion, intelligence is one of the most important attributes to triumph in life, other features are
necessary, being
way not an appropriate form to evaluate it.
and foremost, not all smart individuals reach their goals in life. Obviously, by observing the most successful people in our society,
as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, it is likely to find many intelligent persons.
, by only observing
select group, many are disregarding the ones that did not reach the top of their careers. Due to the necessary characteristics to be successful, others that did not have the right connections in their network or did not have the needed charisma were not able to write their names in history as the two mentioned names, but cannot be
as clever individuals.
, it usually takes a lot of work to be considered successful.
, not everyone is willing to put up a lot effort on their lives to reach
For example
, I have worked with people that seemed too smart for the type of job they were doing.
, it appeared to me that even though they were capable of growing, they were feeling comfortable enough to stay in that position until retirement. In summary, success demands a significant effort and a set of qualities that not every clever person has.
, it is not wise to measure one based on the other.
, one might be liable for a misjudgment.
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