Some people claim that not enough of wastes from homes is recycled. They say that that only way to increase recycling for governments to make it a legal requirement. To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?

The rubbish management is a joined responsibility of both the individuals as well as the managing authorities.
, few claim that making a strict law to reprocess the misuse is the sole way, but
on the other hand
, there are a number of methods in which citizens can help in governing the rubbish. The views will be justified
. The people of the country can play a major role in misuse refurbishment.
, every individual can segregate their wastes in their homes and supply it directly to the
organising authority, there is even availability of areas where pupils willing throw used things.
For example
, different coloured dustbins like blue, green and yellow made for different types of waster like recyclable, liquid
, hazardous
, people can directly consult the recycling agent, if they do not want to indulge in a cycle of passing of wastes through various bodies like, in India it is a rule of Amul industry, which supplies milk bags, that if they collect those milk plastic bags and return it to the company,
they will get 1 rupee per bag. These are encouraging people to directly handle the used materials to the suppliers in return of money.
, they themselves can reuse the materials of home like a finished bottle of coca cola used to fill drinking water, rather than another plastic bottle.
On the other hand
, the government can put their hands to work, with the power of the seat they possess. They can formulate rules for recycling of certain items like plastic bottles, bags, and many other objects. Rules can include, if they do not provide these wastes palms to palm to the collectors and found in their dustbins than they will be forbidden with that product, or even they will be fined for that mistake.
, if there are small dumped nearby the locals living in that area,
every house member should be called to either help cleaning and dumping it in the correct place or either charge fine. Due commending of strict laws the citizens will learn to manage misuse. To conclude, the government can implement laws to teach lessons to the citizens, but it is not his mere responsibility. The dwellers of the nation should help him to carry out the
recycling process.
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