Some people think that children should be taught at school how to avoid waste and recycle. Others think that children should learn this at home.Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

Nowadays teenagers learning a large number things from different sources which they get easy access.
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Also, this
view is supported by some other have a strong counter argument that youth should be educated at the learning centre that they do not make waste.
, to contrast these other opine that adolescents should teach by their families. In my point of view youngsters should learn at home. Both sides of these debates analysed in
essay before drawing the conclusion.
To begin
with, as the economy is facing a plethora of threat from the disposal, garbage it is advisable for parents that they initiate and make an effort to resolve issues. It is possible if they taught to their children that how rubbish can effect for several diseases.
For instance
, they might show the list of diseases that brought by waste.
As a result
, teenagers can understand how dangerous it is. Apart from
, parents themselves be an example for tackling
For example
, they can start a community service to clean their city. Which lead to make an even more clear concept in their mind. It is obvious that why
point of view garnered support.
, if university
to campaign it would be much more efficient as active as a group can be even much better than as an individual.
as, if children are doing
in a group they can learn that
is the major responsibility of them. Despite
, the institution
adding their effort in
campaigns. Which make them self fulfilment of their duty.
Therefore it
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Therefore, it
is comprehensible why
is popular among many. To conclude with, after musing both sides of the argument I believe that children should learn to avoid waste at their home. As it is difficult to learn at school. There is sufficient demonstrate that
is not the case.
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