Many people think that fast food companies should not be allowed to advertise while others believe that all companies should have the right to advertise? What is your opinion?

some people believe that junk meal production industries ought not to be permitted to give ads, others consider advertisement is an essential method for companies to promote their products to consumers. In my opinion, I agree that all companies should have the right to advertise as it has distinct advantages for both the consumers and society.
, fast food advertisements have become a severe concern nowadays, as it is one of the factors that causes detrimental health issues among people.
, advertisements
as fast foods and tobacco should be limited to advertising.
, The main idea for all companies should have the right to advertise is that advertisements provide a variety of distinct advantages for both the consumers and our society. Because of the fact, advertisements offer a wide range of choices for consumers.
For example
, every company uses advertisements to promote its product; it provides vital information about its products and the advantages of buying it.
, when consumers are not sure which products best suit their requirements, they can be informed by advertisements and buy the required products.
, allowing every company to have the right to advertise not only gives information about desired products, but
increases the creation of job opportunities as more professionals are needed to create advertisements.
, it would be resulting in a better economy level and benefits our community.
On the other hand
, some companies should be limited to advertising,
as fast food and tobacco companies.
is because advertisements do manipulate consumers to buy their products, and eating fast foodstuff and having tobacco can cause detrimental health issues
as obesity and lung cancer.
For instance
is evident as many youths and young adults can not refuse the mouthwatering hamburgers shown in the advertisements, and it results in a dramatically increased rate of obesity.
, the government must limit the number of advertisements on fast foods and other products that can cause severe fitness issues among people. In conclusion, allowing all companies to advertise can provide a variety of beneficial advantages for both the consumers and our society.
, the government should take action to limit the amount of advertising
that is
promoting fast food and other products that can cause severe fitness issues.
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