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Companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities. To what extent, do you agree or disagree with their opinion.

Following the increase of people‘s needs, they are used to of using the public resources that are available to them by the local companies. Some folks believe that it is a waste of companies‘ budgets to build sports centres and social facilities, conversely, others reckon, that it is one of the fundaments that should be provided by multinational corporations. I agree with the latter sets of folks and in following paragraphs, I‘ll prove my point with supporting examples. To begin with, I, as one of the supporter of this view, would argue that companies have huge responsibilities to the citizens. For instance, Big corporations get rebates from the government as they provide occupation to the masses and pay a large amount of taxes than an individual. Therefore, they should return some profit in terms of sports centres. Moreover, companies get some tax rebates from the government, such as, subsidies. Hence, it is only fair to help the local communities with the gross earned. Furthermore, some companies emit harmful pollutants in the air, while manufacturing the product. If someone falls sick by the emission of these gases, then these companies are hardly free from the criticism. So, to gain respect from the society and to take care of the local communities, companies should provide health centres, free of cost. In conclusion, corporations hold responsibilities on their shoulders towards the local communities and they should be very careful about the gases there corporations releases while manufacturing gases. Consequently, I believe that government should implement some strict rules and enact some laws, in order to benefit the nearby societies.
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