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Fast food has become so popular worldwide that it is destroying the nutritional quality of food. What do you think because of this the traditional food and cooking method is being forgotten? Do you agree or disagree with the statement give reasons for your answer?

In today’s fast growing world, lifestyle is changing so quickly in every aspect of human’s life that it affects negatively in degrading the overall health of themselves. People have chosen to move towards junk foods which became so famous among them that it is diminishing the healthy and nutritious meals. As per my viewpoint, I do analyse both the sides of this alarming trend and will come to a logical point in the latter view. To begin with, members of the society are enhancing the intake of junk foods these days due to hectic job or business schedule to focus more on their careers. Similarly, these days both the person in the family, work and they believed that cooking meals at home is totally waste of time and they can contribute the same time period for developing innumerable skills to achieve more milestones in their careers. In addition to it, food chain companies which imposed high proportion of funds in making attractive advertisements to bring more customers to consume burger, pizza, pasta and so on, but it could lead them to highly contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, diabetes, heart problems in the long run. For instance, one of the most popular franchise “McDonalds” which is a pioneer in the junk food meals had more than 1000 outlets in 150 countries across the globe had been found under screening to the usage of hazardous additives to taste food in a better way. Moreover, persons cannot able to maintain a healthy lifestyle of family due to more consumption of fast foods which lacks in full of vitamins and proteins. Therefore, it leads them to various kinds of deficiencies in the physical body which can cause many chronic diseases such as obesity, low blood pressure, fast aging and vice versa. To cite an example, in North America more than 80% of citizens choose to grab non-traditional meals and out of which 70% people are suffering from such chronic diseases. To conclude, as per my viewpoint, people must follow to intake of traditional home food and not to opt towards the enhancing trend of junk meals as they are less amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins which is non-nutritional and also deteriorate the health in the long run.
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