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Creative artists should always have the freedom to express their ideas (in paintings, books, films, and songs) in any way they wish. The government should not restrict what they do. To what extent do you agree with the opinion?

These days, innovative and creative artists enjoy so much of freedom compared to the past and their views and ideas are expressed through several forms such as paintings, magazines, movies, video songs, and social media. Personally, I strongly believe that the government should control the artists' expression if it affects certain group of people or their religious beliefs or faith. This essay will discuss the aspect of why the government should restrict the freedom of expression, through the examples from Harvard Education Review research and Oxford University experiments to demonstrate the points. To begin with, all artists are generally very expressive, and they also enjoy drawing attention through controversial opinions. Further, they also publish their views through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Youtube video blogs to reach widened audience group. Although many governments encourage such creativity, sometimes these views hurt the religious beliefs or induce racism or even those views could be offensive.Such unthoughtful, creative ideas lead to chaotic conditions in several countries, where people indulge in demolishing statues, destroy public and private properties as a response to published opinions, which lead to disastrous economic conditions. Consistent with this thought process, Harvard Education Research recently published an article comparing USA with other countries where, the unrestricted freedom had led to violence, and increased the government expenditure by 5% because of such freedom of speech. In addition to this, the reach and impact of artists are much higher than ever today. Hence, any views expressed in any mode would affect the country's economy on a massive scale. For example, if there is no peace in a country, because of such views continuously being expressed by the artists, would lead to the deterioration of capital investment from other countries. Moreover, such implications will have a greater impact in nations GDP growth and hence governments should restrict the artists' creativity within certain limits. Consistent with the same line of thinking, Oxford University conducted an experiment with various investors and obtained their views on the characteristics of the countries they would invest which revealed that, more than 70% of the investors have selected the countries where law and order was maintained perfectly. To conclude from the aforementioned views and examples, I firmly believe that the government should ensure the freedom of thought process within certain boundaries, as otherwise, the law and order in any country would be out of control. Most of the nations exercise such controls to ensure the security, peace and wellness of people, which is predicted to have a longer impact in the nation's economy and people's life.
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