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The natural resources such as oil, forests, and fresh water are being consumed at an alarming rate. What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems.

It is frightening that natural resources like oil, forests and fresh water are exhausting rapidly. This essay will highlight what are the reasons behind this situation and what are some potential measures to resolve it. There are two main reasons why environmental resources are depleting. Firstly, in many parts of the world, population is growing at a faster rate. For instance, countries like India and China. They need more space for building houses which leads to deforestation and consumption of resources for satisfying their basic necessities. Secondly, industrialisation is also responsible for the destruction of natural resources as many industrialists prioritise profits and produces mass production beyond limits at a cost of environment. Setting up more factories which demolish our water resources by their waste releasing in it and use a huge amount of oil as fuel to carry out their operations. These circumstances are causing a considerable amount of damage to natural resources. Some solutions can be adopted to improve the situation. One approach is the imposition of law regarding controlling population. For example, in China the government of the country tries to control its public due to this. The government should encourage people to turn towards small family structures by providing them schemes like single child insurance schemes starting at a minimum investment. Another measure is that government should impose strict industrialisation regulations, setting a limit of factories in a particular area or restricting production practices which ensures a proper dispose of their waste material and rationally utilization of vulnerable resources. In conclusion, this essay has highlighted that the reasons behind this happening are population growth and privatisation. This essay also presented that the solutions to this issue are twofold: motivating masses for nuclear family planning and implementing laws regarding industrial production operations.
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