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One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing. Do you think the advantages of this development outweight the disadvantages?

Modern world gave birth to numerous invention. Therefore, we have large numbers of medical treatment and latest technology which has a direct benefit to peoples' health which is the reason to have a longer life than the past. There are some pros and cons of this situation. I opine that the drawbacks of longer living are more than the benefits. To commence with, many nations are already struggling with the higher rate of population. Therefore, a longer than an average life period will boost this number which will have a dangerous impact on the infrastructure of the country. In addition to this urban area will be more crowded and shortage of land will have to face. Moreover, if people live longer than expected, it will put a higher amount burden on the administration. A large amount need to be spent on welfares and medical treatments. To cite an example, India as a populated country is spending huge currency on old age people as a pension. Furthermore, as increasing with the age, the retirement age will also be affected. Thus, there will less chance of employment for the younger generation which will have a bad effect on the economy of the nation. To add to it, there will be more load on the medical system of a country because many doctors have to take care of these higher age inhabitants. For example, In the Canada, everyone has its family doctor only who take care of that particular person. There will less chance for younger to get a permanent doctor. To conclude, although citizens contribute to nation by giving tax and services, but longer life than average will put a higher load on the Government as well as on other organizations which are working for betterment of the specific country. Every human on the planet have the rights to live long as life but more than standard will have devastating impacts.
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