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Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. They believe that this is not only better for their own health but also benefits the world as a whole. Discuss this view and give your own opinion.

Globally, it is apparent for everybody that the meals system is very important for our lifestyle, because it seriously affects our habits, health and even mood. Everyone is trying to find their own way: follow some special diets, avoid allergic products or totally do not eat something, for instance any animal products. In my opinion, this issue is very personal and we cannot identify this phenomenon only as a positive or just a negative feature, because there are so many hidden, controversial and at the same time salient details. Overall, vegetarianism is full of advantages – we always hear many positive opinions about unusual feelings, health improvements and different activities connected with environmental protection. However, sometimes these people are extremely enthusiastic or even aggressive against people who do not follow their way. For example, several years ago by Russian media revealed a story about a child in a vegetarian family and he had a very serious disease and his parents did not pay attention to him and finally he ended up in the hospital and the government had had their parental authority withdrawn. On the one hand, a meatless way of life helps the environment, because it reduces livestock production, which in turn affects the amount of greenhouse gases and it is very important for the fight against global warming. On the other hand, there is an opposite effect – with an increase of a vegetarianism trend, the pressure on agricultural production also increases, as well as the fact that they cannot provide for the inhabitants so much fresh plant products and eventually they use a lot of chemical growth promoters and other marketing ploys. Furthermore, one of the loveliest products among vegetarians is tofu, and for instance in Latin America forests cutting down trees, because they do not have enough space for cultivation. Additionally, as for animals, an incredible number of them die during agricultural work. Finally, I would like to stress that everywhere needs a balance. Any changes to one or another side tend to have destructive results. Looking towards the future, it is no doubt a given, that in alignment with current vegetarian trends it can only be the case, that it will not lose its relevance and will be popular for a long time, but for this case humanity must remain carefully in its choice and try to avoid new negative consequences.
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