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Internet crime is increasing rapidly as more and more people are using internet to make financial transactions. What can be done to tackle this problem?

Nowadays, many people have started using the internet for making transactions like fund transfer, making payments, etc..Development in internet has brought along various cyber crimes which need to be controlled by taking various measures.This essay will discuss such safety measures which can help in reducing these crimes and can allow people to make safe transactions. To start with, these crimes can be tackled in many ways. Firstly, the Government should invest money on the companies to build high security softwares which can protect people from these frauds.For example, Google has recently launched software named 'HIVO protection' which helps in doing safe and secure bank transactions from your device. Secondly, strict laws need to be formed to stop people from engaging in unlawful activities. Fear of strict punishments for committing cyber crimes may stop people and this will further help in controlling the misconduct activities. Moreover, creating awareness amongst the community is also essential as many people are not even aware of these frauds. For instance, many companies have started training people regarding these frauds and how people hack their devices so that they can protect their device with use updated softwares and security. Furthermore, various campaigns should be conducted which can help in making people aware regarding the various protection measures and how their money get stolen by hackers. Thus, educating community around can also turn into a useful step to make people feel safe and secure regarding their money. To sum up, creating awareness among people and building highly protected softwares are some ways by which such crimes can be controlled and helps people to feel financially secure.
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