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Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing taffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree. What measure do you think might be effective.

The traffic as well as the pollution became a huge issue today. Some are of belive that the higher taxes on the cruid oil should helps to remedy the challenges. I differ to the viewport to a large extent. Some visible steps are therer to resolve the condition. Both, justification as well as effective measure are discused further. Out of all the reasons, the foremost one is that the pollution not only spread by use of vechicle, various source of pollution are there such as industries, dumping area, mines and many more. In a urban area traffica is mostly influenced by the strey cattles and careless driving of people. On the other hand traffic police is not serious abou the jam and it eventually leads to pollution exhausted by the vehicle engine. In addition the hike in the cost of the gasoline push up the price of transportion and then things that we use daily because more costly. However, a few meausere can really help to overcome the situation. The most important step is the more wider road, the less trafiic jam. Goverment should have to make road wider to slove the traffic problem also the strict rules should be needed regarding to parking on the road side. However, the dentention of vehicle after some age is helps to reduce pollution caused by vehicle activity. In contrast people should have emphasig on the use of public transport which useful to remedy both the issue traffic as well as pollution. However authontise can adopt some techinques such as odd-even rules, a cycle day, other resource of energy and more can pooling is a better way to reach same piece rather than to go above. Thus to sum up it can be said that the hike in the cost of fuel oil is not the solution. It is our resposibility follow the rules and use the public transport it is possible to rewoke the mentioed issues.
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