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Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more schoolwork. How do you think children should spend their free time?

Many people are of the opinion that children are having too much free time that should be utilised for more schoolwork. I believe they should learn more useful practical skills in spare time instead. With current technological advancement, we are living in a world where computers can perform techniques such as coding and doing maths accurately and more quickly, making perceived basic academic skills to be obsolete in the future. In addition, emphasis on academic attainment and tests have detrimental effect on child’s psychology, leading to mental health disorders. Besides, children have the right to cavort and enjoy their childhood to the fullest, rather than burning candles at both ends for an educational system with priorities that are out of whack with the current world. Thus, spending free time out of school on more work is not only pointless but harmful. It is, however, beneficial for children to learn practical skills as early as possible. Future generations need to be able to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate well and be creative. Thus, parents can have kids participate in extracurricular activities that involve helping to negotiate relationships, fostering communication skills and nurturing creativity. Moreover, contact with nature can be utilised to support young people’s mental health and psychological resilience to deal with changes as they grow. Those keys that aid these children success in the workforce during adulthood are what needs to be focused rather than academic work. To conclude, I believe due to the developments of the 21st century, children should be learning skills other than the basic academic norms for their own development and well-being.
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