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Computers have made the world a better place to live in. Do you agree or disagree?

Increasing progress in the region of technology has brought revolutionary changes in the life of the general public and it is often argued that computers, which are perhaps, the greatest invention of science, are responsible for making this universe an appropriate place for living.This essay agrees with the given information because of improvement in communication and a reduction in the efforts of human beings. To commence with, computers have made the interaction among the people extremely easy.In other words, the way we interact with each other has changed.Since these days, we are a part of a small global village and anyone can communicate with their relatives and friends, who are residing in the far-off areas, extremely convenient with a wide access of internet network.Take for instance, in the past times, people used to struggle to convey information and letters were a widespread means of connection, but at present individuals can interact with the click of a button. Another significant fact is that a considerable amount of data can be stored within the computers because of their ample storage capacity.In other words, it has prevented the people from the hassles of organisation of the essential documents, which is generally an arduous task.To cite an example, a vast majority of banks, schools and other organisations are utilising its benefits to maintain records relevant to their customers and students.Thus, these are regulating the stress level of common people and making their life worth to live in. In conclusion, human beings can harness the benefits of this major discovery and further by adopting a suitable approach it can be utilised to make this society worthy to live in.
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