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Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy same products anywhere in the world. Do you think the is a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, most of the products from different parts of the world are available in the every corner of the globe. The main causes are the globalization and astonishing invention of the internet. This vogue leads to the loss of cultural identity and degrades the environment by emission of toxic gases. The demerits of this trend are articulated in the ensuing paragraphs. To commence with, in this technical era, where the Internet converted the world into a global village and as the impact of it, the majority of the items are available in different part of the world. This will ruin the identity of national culture. For an example, the western countries have a great influence on people's mind and thus, the western attire has become famous at the global level. Which becomes the reason of less interest in traditional attire. In other words, it affects the cultural values of the society. Furthermore, Some group of people tells that it is the positive development as the consumer has a wide range of the products. However, the selling of the products in the international market surges the export import needs. As this need fulfilled only by the air transportation, which uses the fuel, that produces the toxic gases and ultimately contributes to the air pollution. Apart from that, this transportation charges are the major cause to raise the cost of the product to the end customer. To cite an example, the same taste of a coffee is available in various areas, but as it is having higher production in the India, it is having a less price in India compared to the other countries in which it available in the sell. To conclude, the sell of the product at the international level not only badly affects the culture and tradition of a particular country but also it costs more to the end consumer. In addition to that, the delivery of the international items can cost more to the local people. Hence, it is the negative developer.
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