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Some people believe that use of mobile phones in public is as annoying as smoking and should be banned? Do you agree or disagree?

Increasing progress in the region of technology, has provided human beings with the latest models of mobile phones, but it is often argued that the administration should impose stringent laws in order to restrict its use in the public places.This essay agrees with the given information because it has detrimental effects on the society which will be discussed in the following paragraphs with a relevant example. To commence with, using Smartphones publicly cause inconvenience to the masses in a variety of ways.In other words, whenever an individual interact with others via cell phones, then it may disturb the people in the surroundings.Since sometimes individuals speak over their phones extremely loudly that the person in the surrounding area may steal their personal information.Take for instance, a few days ago, some individuals were standing on the bus stand and one of them was talking over the phone about his transaction from the banks, another individual who was listening to his conversation was a thief and he stole his money.Thus, it is wholly inappropriate to reveal personal information publicly, as it promotes criminal activities.Hence, it should be banned to avoid its threatening effects. Furthermore, in the present situation, people of all age groups are extremely busy over their gadgets that they rarely contact with those in the community.Therefore, it makes them less social.So I believe that its use must be prohibited in the parks, railway stations, and many other places, otherwise isolation would become a widespread practice.In my state, for instance, the government has taken an initiative, to inculcate the social interaction in parks, by imposing heavy fines on the use of modern appliances. In conclusion, although these are an asset to the whole community and has a profound effect on the general public, its use must be terminated, wherever possible, in order to promote mutual interaction and to reduce the hassles in the nearby region.
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