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Although more and more people read the news on the Internet, newspaper will remain the most important source of news for the majority of people. Do you agree or disagree

It is no doubt that reading news becomes norms of common people's life. A huge number of people still read from traditional sources rather than digital media. However, I, personally, think that paper news may be replaced by online news in the coming years. Reading the paper has been widely popular, especially among the older generation.They used to read it every morning, just like any other morning habits and it is the main source of knowledge for yesterdays. They got to know about current affairs, sports, entertainment and cinema everything from printed media. Old school readers hardly ever got the chance to watch as electronic media as it was not so popular as if now.Another point about paper based news is that it gives a physical form which many readers prefer to have. However, the new generation society prefers to have an electronic journal due to its convenience. Firstly, these types of news are time bound and up-to-date news. People feel that they are well connected to the world and gets information, meaning real time information providing. Apart from this, as they carry their mobiles everywhere, they can read news anywhere and everywhere.There is no special space to keep these newspaper since it is digitalised. In my viewpoint, in this modern world use of electronic daily will continue to grow due to the availability of the internet connection everywhere and easy to use without any additional cost. Therefore, even though the way we read news may change, still the number of readers will increase day by day. Although people read more, the medium they use has been changing over time, which is not only limited to traditional daily.
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