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Although more and more people read the news on the Internet, newspaper will remain the most important source of news for the majority of people. Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, it is true that people have different sources to know the news all over the world, such as surfing on the Internet, watching TV, reading newspaper. Some people believed that even Internet increasingly becomes an important channel for receiving information, traditional newspaper still be the most major media for readers to gain the news. While there are some benefits from newspaper, I believed that websites could widely expand the tunnel of gaining information. Firstly, people think that newspaper will remain the most important source of news is because of this form of communication could cover all groups of age, especially those older people who are inability of learning new technology. For example, elder people do not know how to use the Internet access due to the difficulties of operating smartphones or computers and the font is too small for them. Secondly, news from traditional paper media could represent the opinions of officials, so that a good communication bridge could build up between nations and governments. Finally, newspaper could sell to the remoted area where Internet signals could not reach, especially the countries could not afford the establishment of related facilities. However, I disagreed that paper media still are the main position of the source of news. This is because the speed of spreading information is much faster than the traditional rival. For instance, when a car accident happens on the street, reporters could share this news immediately on the Internet and this report will read by millions in a second. Thanks to the development of technology, by the usage of smartphone, computer and tablet, people could know what is going on at any time from the screens. By contrast, newspaper could be delaying the information, people only receive the news one day or even several days after. In conclusion, it is essential that the existence of newspaper plays an important role for readers to receive news. However, I believed that the invention of the Internet could bring people to the next level of the era of information.
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