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Many people patronize larger industries and ignore local shops because the big firms invest a lot into promotion and marketing. What can this cause to the local shops? What can be done to make people patronize the local shops?

Nowadays, due to the effects of globalization, many companies tend to open their showroom across the globe. This has led to the majority of people think that bigger industries are better than local shops, because the big companies put their efforts in promoting and marketing. This has an impact on local shops and there are certain steps that can be implemented to make people patronize the local companies. To commence with, as big industries are expanding aggressively, they invest in promoting their goods, which has caused local shops their business. For example, companies in food and fashion industry has a tremendous impact on the buyer. Companies like MC Donalds have created adverts for younger children, which has caused 70% of the business to the local shops. In addition to the business impact, these big firms are also able to change the mindset of the people, that these products are local and not that durable. Educating people and making them aware about the benefits of local shops is the first step to patronize local shops. Secondly, educating people about the marketing gimmick and what impact does it has on the society and the country overall. For instance, a country like China has been successful in inculcating these values in their citizens. Because of this the country has been able to grow drastically. Moreover, government can give some benefits to the business to start manufacturing in-house. Due to this benefit, there will be more number of people who can open their local shops and succeed. In conclusion, although, big companies with marketing strategies are able to lure the customers, there are some countries which are able to manufacture products in-house. With the help of government and local leaders there are ways to help these local shops grow and prosper. This eventually brings prosperity back to the country.
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